Inspiral SR (20 mg) Tablet Side Effects and usage

Inspiral SR (20 mg) - Methyl Phenidate- Tablet is manufactured by Innova (IPCA Laboratories Ltd.) and the main constituent generic drug is Methyl Phenidate- 20 mg.

Inspiral SR (20 mg) Tablet Medicine Details

Side Effects

Abdominal pain, akathesia, alopecia, angina, appetite loss, anxiety and panic attacks, cardiac arrhythmia, sweating, dizziness, dyskinesia, dysphonia, headache, hypersensitivity, palpitation, pupil dialatation, weight loss (short term), drug dependence.


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, lethargy.
Autism In the treatment of dependence on methamphetamine.

Contra Indications

Arrhythmia, hypertension, liver damage.
Patients who demonstrate drug seeking behaviour.


Epilepsy, pregnancy.


The cost of the drug per 1 Tablet is Rs.15.5 in India as of date.


Inspiral SR (20 mg) Tablet mainly contains the generic formulation called as Methyl Phenidate- 20 mg.

Medicine Name: Inspiral SR (20 mg) Tablet
Manufacturer: Innova (IPCA Laboratories Ltd.)
Generic Molecule: Methyl Phenidate

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